Skipping The First Page

When I relaunched my website a couple months ago I had big dreams of focusing on writing. Even though my head is filled with so many ideas on what to write about, I realized that grabbing onto one of those threads and following it was much more difficult than I had originally thought. Every time I’d sit down to try and write I’d just end up frustrated and staring at a blank page.

Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

That’s when I realized the similarity between the first blog post and the first page of a new sketchbook. Most artists I’ve come across (including myself) have mentioned the “first page of a new sketchbook problem”. This is when you have a brand new, clean slate sketchbook but struggle to take the step of actually drawing in it. The fear of the first page comes in - “what if I mess up?” “What if the first drawing isn’t very good?” Etc. The anxiety builds leaving you stuck.

Image by World-fly from Pixabay

Writing this first post feels exactly like that! That’s when I remembered some advice for the sketchbook problem I came across awhile back: Skip the first page. It’s that simple. By skipping the first page it kinda tricks your brain out of that fear of “messing up”. Once that fear is gone you can get into the flow of drawing (or in this case, writing). You can always go back to that blank page later if you choose to, when it feels less scary.

This post is meant to act like skipping that first blank page. The idea is to make the “first post” fears less daunting. I can always come back later and delete it if I choose to. I’ve already got a good start to what I actually want to write about since I came to this realization.

So with that, I will skip to the next page. Welcome to the Astral Alchemy blog!

Image by Luna Crowley, Astral Alchemy